A passionate pet and portrait photographer, a recent college graduate, dog mom of two Yorkie Pomeranians, and a huge animal lover that is based in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

If you are a pet owner, like myself, you know just how much they mean to you. As a pet photographer it is my passionate goal and love to photograph the heart and playful soul of our beloved four-legged friends. With the genuine love for animals, I create documentary images to convey the personalities of your pet to be cherished for years to come. Animals aren't with us for very long, so having the opportunity to photograph them is an honor. Although pets are my true passion, photographing people is also something else ​that​ I enjoy. As each person ​is different in their own way, it is my job to capture your uniqueness and personality through the lens​​ of my camera.

Along with photographing people and pets, I currently volunteer for one of Portland's local non-profits. For almost two years now I have been a photographer capturing the process of the build for Fences for Fido; a non-profit company that provides fences for dog's who are chained to set them free. I am also the photo booth smooch your pooch photographer for Best Friends "Strut Your Mutt" that happens every September. If you have an non-profit that needs my help please let me know.